Birthday Sprinkle Cookie Dough Baking Activity Kit

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Can I Eat the Cookie Dough? Yes, You Can!
With our Edible Cookie Dough Kit You Can make Edible Cookie Dough and Bake Fresh Cookies — or Both!

Baking Coach® Cookie Mixes are Activity Kits that include pre-measured ingredients, paper goods and tools to easily make Edible Cookie Dough anywhere. And when you've finished nibbling on the dough, you can bake delicious cookies.

Mess Free - Stress Free Baking!
The only thing you'll need for any of our cookie kits are a stick of butter and water. You don't even need a bowl — Mix Everything Right in the Bag! 

Birthday Sprinkle Cookies

Kit Contains:

  • #1 Sugar Mixture

  • #2 Vanilla Extract

  • #3 Flour Mixture

  • #4 Sprinkles

  • 1 Glove

  • 1 Craft Stick    

You Will Need:

    • 1 stick of butter

    • 1 tablespoon of water

    YES, you CAN eat the cookie dough! Every Cookie Baking Activity Kit includes a QR Code to scan with an easy step-by-step How-To Video.


    • Gluten-Free Flour Substitute Pack Available for $3.00 BUY NOW

    • Non-GMO

    • Vegan Friendly

    • Does not contain nuts.

    GREAT FOR...

    • Baking Parties, Playdates, Mommy or Daddy & Me Time

    • Gifts & Care Packages (College Students & Military)

    • Travel & Camping

    • Date Night

    *Patent Pending