Baking Coach is a Baking Entertainment Company. We offer Baking Activity Kits and delicious ready-eat baked cookies using our own special recipes. We also provide in-person baking and cake decorating workshops, private lessons, and private baking or cooking events in Long Island, and the surrounding areas.

Baking Coach creates unique Baking Activity Kits, including our Patent-Pending Edible Cookie Dough Baking Activity Kits in 3 fab flavors: Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Cookie and Birthday Sprinkle. Our Baking Activity Kits include most pre-measured ingredients to get your bake on and all come with a link to a video where the Baking Coach will teach you and walk you step-by-step through the process. Unlike other baking kits you still get to enjoy the baking process but we cut to the good parts by cutting out a lot of the measuring, guessing and kitchen mess!  

Baking Coach believes that the best ingredients, environment and creativity are all part of the perfect recipe. We intentionally seek out the highest quality ingredients for our products, and were even asked by the local health department if they could use the Baking Coach as a model kitchen. It’s an example of how much we are dedicated to creating the best experience and products.  


The mission of the Baking Coach has always been to teach people the love of baking by breaking things down in an easy-to-understand way, and to make baking accessible to all abilities. One of Baking Coach’s purposes is to provide access to baking to those who are differently abled by creating workshops that are exclusive for those who require support. And with the combination of our Baking Activity Kits and How-to Videos, we’ve made it possible to learn in your own kitchen!


Lisa Basini, Baking Coach

The original Baking Coach, Lisa Basini, was born with the itch to bake in her veins. As a five-year old, she was pulling a chair to the counter to bake a cheesecake, while she learned to read from the old red-checkered Good Housekeeping recipes binder. Fast-forward to 2005 when she started the Baking Coach in Long Island, NY as a baking entertainment company. Lisa started teaching workshops out of her own commercial kitchen and selling fresh-baked cookies and cakes. Her business grew as she started teaching in libraries and schools throughout the island. 

2020 was the year that birthed the Baking Activity Kits so people could still safely bake their beloved Baking Coach recipes along with either live or video tutorials for each kit. Just a year later the Baking Coach would have a booth in the coveted Montauk Farmers Market where locals, including celebrities, business owners, and even other chefs have sung her praises for both the cookies and Baking Activity Kits. 

People love Lisa Basini for her fun and personality-packed style of teaching baking. She has developed a library of 300+ recipes over the years. Unique and interesting recipe ideas are Lisa’s specialty. She combines interesting flavors in her cookie recipes, and her studies in Food Science means she knows the why and how to make baking magic happen…without wiping out your kitchen!

Lisa has extensive live teaching experience. She’s taught at national food tradeshows, for charity events and is available for corporate and private events.


The Baking Coach® has been featured numerous times throughout the years in Newsday, and Lisa Basini has a monthly recipe feature in ET Magazine (www.etweekmedia.com). She’s also been interviewed on NBC News and News 12 Long Island, along with other media features. For media opportunities, please contact Lisa Basini at: lisa@bakingcoach.com.


Address: 10 Farber Drive, Bellport, NY 11713 (Located in Bellport Outlets)

Phone: (631) 543-8608

Email: thebakingcoach@gmail.com