Baking Coach Workshops

Baking Coach Workshops

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In Person and Virtual Small Group Baking Workshops

We offer baking workshops for all ages and abilities in a variety of topics where you will have fun learning to bake or learn cake decorating skills. We supply everything you need at our In-person workshops. You will leave with your freshly made baked good or decorated project. 

In Person Baking Classes

Baking Coach® Group Workshops are held at our Kitchen at:
10 Farber Drive, Ste. 30, Bellport, NY 11713 (located in Bellport Outlets)

Virtual Workshops

For Virtual Workshops you will receive a Zoom link and they include a Baking Activity Kit of dry ingredients and any added items in that kit's description, prior to the workshop.


Registering is Easy: 

1. Review our three Skill Levels below to decide which workshop is right for you. Then click on the image to view the current available workshops.

2. Once you've decided on a Workshop from our calendar, select "Schedule Your Time" to select a Date and Time of the Workshop.

3. Fill in the questions and Add to Cart.

Supported Skill Level Workshops - Please contact us if you have any questions or prefer to reserve a spot by phone: 631-543-8608


Basic Skill Level Workshops

This skill level is for individuals of all ages that can follow directions, mix and measure independently.  Children under 12 are welcome to attend but must be accompanied with an adult sharing the project.  

Cost: $89.00 per person

• $35.00 additional per adult Sharing Fee with a participant under 12 years


Children Only Workshops 

These workshops are for ages 9 to 14 years.  Participants must be able to follow directions and work independently. Drop-off only, adult are not permitted to attend.

Cost: $89 per person


Supported Skill Level Workshops

This skill level is open to all individuals over the age of 15 that may or may not need assistance with step-by-step instruction. They may require prompting to complete tasks and guidance following multi-step directions.  Adult one-on-one assistance is allowed and may be required to help the student complete the workshop, but it is not provided by The Baking Coach. We offer larger print recipes and a relaxed environment.

Cost: $89.00 per person


2-Hour Private Workshops

If you prefer more one-on-one learning, we offer private workshops either at our facility or in your home.  You can learn how to cook and bake without destroying your kitchen.  Create simple and delicious meals, and learn food safety, too. All Baking Coach® recipes are easy to make! 

We will provide you with a shopping list and then schedule a day and time for your private workshop. These workshops are available for all ages and all abilities.  

Private Workshops are by Appointment Only

Call to Book or for More Details: 631-543-8608

Cost: $350.00/ for up to 2 people

• $150/ per person additional


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